Bruce at Cape Split, NSBruce Dienes creates learning environments for not-for-profits and small businesses, customizing paradigm-shifting experiences that help empower people by giving them the practical tools and resilience they need to effectively and compassionately deliver services.

Bruce has a PhD in Psychology and teaches courses in Community Psychology and in Masculinities at Mount Saint Vincent University. His doctoral thesis looked at the impact of emotion on cognition. Bruce has worked with local community organizations training peer supporters and group facilitators, as well as managing projects designed to reduce gambling harms and gender-based violence.

For insight into the mix of resources that Bruce uses to design your custom programs, see the Inspirations page. For recent projects, see the Portfolio page.

Recent projects include a collaboration with *heart wide open* to deliver Facilitate with Heart, an innovative training for group leaders, and staff training in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) tools for Cape Breton Family Resource Centres. In 2019 he worked with a local business to transform the culture of sexual harassment in the workplace.

He is a strong, empowering community leader and creative teacher with extensive experience initiating, organizing, facilitating and networking community groups and organizations. Bruce builds bridges and partnerships in challenging situations and inspires groups and individuals to move beyond their perceived limits.

With a degree in Photographic Arts from Ryerson University, Bruce has also worked professionally in photography, specializing in performing arts. He has a life-long involvement with Quakers, which helped shape his approach to collaborative community development.


  • A strong, empowering community leader, creative teacher and researcher.
  • Extensive experience with initiating, organizing, facilitating, training and networking community groups and organizations. Strength-based approach.
  • Able to build bridges and partnerships in challenging situations.
  • Inspires groups and individuals to move beyond their perceived limits.
  • More than thirty-five years’ experience working with peer support and self-help groups
  • Twenty years’ experience teaching academic courses
  • Develops and implements interactive and practical workshops, engaging the wider community.
  • Experience across business, community organizations and academia.
  • Working with men’s issues and gender-transformative facilitation since 1979.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Ph.D. and M.A. in Psychology from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Able to apply Community Psychology principles to all aspects of professional and volunteer work. These include: understanding the importance of both individual and community settings, appreciating diversity, taking a strengths perspective, understanding how values impact community dynamics and working to ensure adaptive and healthy change as communities grow.
  • Proven leader at both the small group and organizational levels.
  • Understand the challenges of teaching in the context of a broad range of backgrounds.
  • Certified Dialogue for Peaceful Change facilitator
  • Completed three 8-week professional courses in ACT for Beginners (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy),  ACT for Trauma and ACT as a Brief Intervention. Currently taking a course in ACT Immersion with Stephen Hayes.


  • Expert in group facilitation, peer support, and training in these areas
  • Success at grant writing, implementation and reporting.
  • Effective conflict management and mediation skills.
  • Extensive use of consensus-building in decision-making groups.
  • Excellent listener and speaker.
  • Works with a variety of populations and skill levels to build synergistic teams.
  • Able to create a productive environment for committee work. Chaired, minuted for and participated in a diverse range of committees and working groups.
  • Project management, coordination and supervision.
  • Assisting people to define and reach their learning goals and inspiring them to push their limits.