tl:dr; I can help your business or organization transform inappropriate masculinity cultures in your workplace to create a safer, more efficient, more creative and prosperous environment.  All work is customized to your specific needs and time line. See this testimonial from The Nodding Group from 2019.  And my portfolio.

Poster for workshop on engaging men as allies in violence prevention

Since the late 1970’s I have been involved in groups, organizations, academics, consulting and a personal journey to transform masculinity culture towards a more sustainable and compassionate reality.

Recent projects have focused on engaging men and boys as allies in ending violence against women and girls. I have worked with Women’s Shelters, Not-for-Profits, Businesses and in academia, teaching courses on Men and Masculinities.  I have given a number of webinars, seminars, presentations and trainings on this issue to local business, inter-agency groups, conferences, justice workers and RCMP, leaders of youth, student unions, schools, men’s groups and church groups.

In 2019 I was asked to come to Toronto with other leaders in this field to consult with Women and Gender Equality Canada in regard to their draft proposal to engage men in ending this violence. Here is a report: Calling Men and Boys In from their later consultations.

That same year I was asked by the Nodding Group to come and shift the culture of sexual harassment in their workplace. From the letter of support after the  process:

“He worked over a three-month period with our senior management and with our employees, using a four-stage engagement process that helped men identify why this was an issue, why it mattered to them, what they might do to change it, and encouragement to support one another in sustaining this change in behaviour.

“There has been a tangible change in our work environment. Some months after the intervention, I was heartened to see that some of the “worst offenders” were the ones reminding co-workers. This is so much more powerful than simply referring to our corporate policy document. I believe that a big part of the effectiveness is that the process avoided a ‘blame and shame’ approach, and instead made it clear why this was a men’s issue and that addressing it benefited men as well as women.”

If you would like me to address similar issues in your organization or business, please contact me. All my work is customized to your specific situation and needs.