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Ending Gender Based Violence


If you are looking for support for creating an environment in your organization or business that moves towards ending gender based violence and harassment, I can custom design trainings for you to make that a reality.

It is troublesome and expensive to deal with the fallout of a toxic workplace. If people leave, looking for a better work environment, rehiring and reorientation costs can mount up. Not to mention possible law suits or bad PR for your brand.

And all of us want to be part of the solution, rather than part of the problem. A work setting that is safe and respectful is also more productive and creative.

Here’s an article on ending gender-based violence that I and a few others were interviewed for.

And a link to a presentation on these issues I gave at the annual conference of the American Men’s Studies Association.

Contact me if you want more information about how I can help your workplace thrive.

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